Speaker Date Topic
Combined Directors Committee Meeting May 21, 2018
Rachelle Wilson May 24, 2018
Silicon Valley Visit 2018
Fellowship Evening May 31, 2018
Kay Maxwell Golf Venue
Commitee Meetings Jun 07, 2018
No speaker tonight
Rota Pacific Attendees Jun 28, 2018

The ROTA Pacific program for District 9920 involves bringing young people to New Zealand who are sponsored by our Island Clubs. They come for two weeks and during the first week they are billeted with  Rotarians and the second week attending RYLA. They come this evening to share their NZ experience, and their time at RYLA.

RYLA Participants Jul 19, 2018
The Rotary Youth Leadership Award Programme Experience

RYLA (Rotary Young-Person Leadership Awards) is a week-long leadership development programme for 20-28 year olds hosted and sponsored by Rotary Clubs in  district 9920 

RYLA is an experiential live-in programme designed to help young people develop their team work and communication skills and fulfil their potential as leaders.

The programme consists of a combination of:

  • Presentations and Workshops facilitated by community and business leaders particularly focusing on leadership development,
  • opportunities for the exchange of ideas, opinions and experiences in discussion groups etc,
  • open sessions, sport and keep fit exercises
  • the opportunity to experience and practice leadership skills in action.
  • involvement in a community activity and with the host Rotary Club.