Sep 12, 2019
Nona Pederson

Twenty-something executives are a rarity in the boating industry, but the field gets even tighter when that executive is female. Nona Pedersen admits that she didn’t know much about the industry in 2014 when she applied for a market research job at New Zealand-based Oceanmax. Five years later, she is managing day-to-day operations as its general manager. It wasn’t easy sailing (excuse the pun), to get to where she is today. It took a lot of hard work and dedication to build up her skills to fulfil a big role like this. Nona credits great mentors, a fantastic business, a can-do attitude and the RYLA program for getting her here and to set her up to achieve her ambitious career goals. Nona will be sharing her story as well as her key learnings from her RYLA experience in 2018.