Oct 31, 2019
Ady Priday
Holistic midwifery care can improve families health

Poverty impacts families health in Counties Manukau region: holistic midwifery care can improve families health.

I am a self-employed midwife who has worked in Otara, Mangere, Manurewa and Papakura for 24 years.

My passion is empowering women to improve their health and that of their infants and children. I endeavour to do this by providing holistic midwifery care throughout pregnancy, birth and in the first six weeks following the birth.

Counties Manukau Health has the highest stillbirth, neonatal deaths and babies born with ‘small for gestational age’ – (baby is too small to be robust and healthy) in NZ. This region also has a large number of pregnant women who access maternity care /midwifery care late in their pregnancy’s and it is known worldwide that this late care is a major contributing factor to these poor and sad outcomes.

Within my work as a midwife I have looked at the maternity health services over these years and found poverty, low health literacy and/or some socio-cultural circumstances are obstacles to wellness. With acknowledgement and some effort the women of this region could be empowered to access health services in a more timely manner, improving their health and that of their families.

It is well known that the mother, the matriarch of a family is the most influential person to the health practises within her family. By influencing healthy lifestyle practices and overcoming issues of poverty a stronger healthier family is possible. With health comes the ability to learn, take up educational opportunities and being marginalised by poverty becomes a past life.