Iver Davidson set out to acknowledge some of the efforts of those in the community who give service but receive little recognition for their efforts.
The Club organised a special dinner to mark 21 years of service by the Papakura Meals on Wheels service. All past organisers, drivers and helpers were invited and Certificates of Merit were presented to Pat Rollerson, Phill Topp, Ruth Hughes, Vera Knibb, Dulcie Lyall and Bill Green. 
Forty senior citizens were taken on an outing to the Glenbrook Vintage Railway.  Numerous projects centred on youth and included the sponsorship of a six year old Indian girl through World Vision, the sponsorship of two children to Camp Adair, construction of a car port at Lifegate, assistance to five young people from Fiji to attend the N.Z. Rota Pacific Programme and “Reach Out” training kits were issued to the local Intermediate Schools.
Home Hosting of overseas tourists was a source of fellowship for members and income for the Club which raised $1,420.
Bill Macmillan as the District Governor’s Special Representative was responsible for setting up the new Rotary Club of Drury which shares our territorial limits. This Club was finally established as the Rotary year ended with a membership of 37 and Charter night is planned for August. No Papakura members were lost to the new club.
Polio Plus is an international Rotary project to immunise every child against Polio worldwide. A total of (US) $120,000,000 is required and our club has been asked to contribute $14,800. The 1987/88 year will see the major drive for this appeal and plans have been laid by Graham Hall to raise our allocation.
Two very successful Blood Bank collections were held in October and May with 407 and 439 pints being collected.
Nobody was more surprised than Iver when he was called forward to receive the Attendance Trophy at the conference in Rotorua.
The Club made Rowley Lees a Paul Harris Fellow and District made Neil Ritchie a Paul Harris Fellow for his contribution to “V.0.S.0.”.