George and Ted at Salvation Army Mt Wellington Packing Briefing on Wed 14th
The very first packing session took place at the new Mt Wellington operation of the Salvation Army. A scheme that may eventually see all of the small outlying food box packing stations cease. With the economy of scale quite obvious to us as the team last Wednesday 14th April gathered packing momentum.
A cross section of our district clubs made up a packing line of eight people with one forming up the boxes and a couple restocking the rapidly diminishing shelves being backed up by the ever necessary cardboard box and plastic stripper who shall remain nameless.
The initial team led by Allan Haywood from Newmarket Rotary and supported by his fellow club member Collin Knox. Assisted by George and Ted Lees from Papakura, John and Heather Savory from Howick, Robyn Ingram, Prabha Bhana ,Beryl and Collin Robinson from St Johns, Michael Jones from Ellersiie Sunrise and Ross Forsythe from Remurewa.
This inaugural team built 210 Boxes and kept our big Tongan warehouse manager Niko so busy that he was overheating.   (He is the little fellow beside me in the Photo.)  The other photo of the new production line is very similar to what we do at Manukau with the exception that it is straight line and has rollers.
We are trying to gather numbers for our Manukau packing operation for each Tuesday from now on. With a spin on gathering some assistance from other Southern Clubs, friends and other organisations so every bit of help is appreciated and all ideas are welcome.