Rotary Club of Papakura 

1 April 2020, Issue 31

Be Kind 
Online Meeting - 2nd April 2020
Zoom Meeting
This week we are going to have our first online club meeting.  It will be an informal meeting for a catch-up and to find out how everyone is doing a week into lockdown. Everyone has been emailed a link to the Zoom meeeting. Below is some information on hosting an online meeting. Looking forward to seeing you all online.
We are all in this together ...
We really are in unprecedented times and many of the younger members of the club are happy to help out our over 70's who are following the recommended advice to stay home.  Please let us know if you have friends or neighbours who need a hand too. We are all in this together. 
Update from Tijn 
Hello everybody,
I thought let's hear something from me, so you know that I'm still in New Zealand and that I am alright. We are now in the second week of the lockdown, and I think it is going very well, the numbers are more stable and that's what we want in a situation like this. For me and everybody else the complete lockdown is something we have never experienced before, I think. 
Coronavirus - Misinformation
Have you heard about taking a hot bath to kill the virus? Not only does it not work, but the World Health Organization is warning the public that people could scald themselves trying it. Then there’s the claim that the antimalarial chloroquine is a miracle drug. While the jury is still out on its efficacy, chloroquine is also potentially very dangerous, having recently killed a man in Arizona who drank it after hearing President Donald Trump call it “a tremendous breakthrough.”
Thank you to Healthcare Heroes
Through the Rotary Lens
Your picture of the week
Starting this week, we are asking members to send in a photo of something interesting and get creative describing what the picture is all about. 
This is my picture is called "Survival"
Our daughter Niamh grows Swan plants each summer and we all love watching the Monarch butterflies emerge from the chrysalis. This beautiful Monarch butterfly survived after been taken by the cat as it dried its wings.
Monarch Butterfly 1 Cat 0
Clocks Change this weekend

It's time for daylight saving - change your clocks this weekend

This weekend is the start of Daylight Saving in New Zealand.
Clocks go backward one hour at 2am Sunday morning - so best to do it before you go to bed on Saturday night. Of course, nowadays, many of our time pieces are electronic and will do this automatically.
While most people know the saying "spring forwards, fall backwards", not so many people know the concept of Daylight Saving was first thought up by a New Zealander who loved bugs.
A bit of Fun
Never forget the healing power of a good giggle. Especially good with children. Make yourself and the people around you laugh and you'll all feel better (there's actual science around this) if you lose your sense of humour, take that as a warning sign that you're not doing OK.


Via "Zoom" at 6 pm
Thursday 28 May
Check emails for invite link

Meeting Responsibilities

Duty Committee: Youth

Attendance: Robin Matheson




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