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23 September 2019| Issue 12

Speaker of the Week - RYE students
This week we have the pleasure of the 2019/2020 RYE Inbound students company at our meeting. We have students in the district from France, Denmark, Austria, Germany and Austria (and of course the Netherlands!) They will be sharing how their first three months have gone in New Zealand and a little about themselves. They are a great group and it would be lovely to have a good turn out to support them.
Setback for Martin
There has been big set back for Martin's recovery, and he is back in Middlemore hospital after his hip operation. He has managed a couple of walks this morning, so he is making progress slowly.  A week in hospital won't be great, so would be nice if you have a spare 20 mins to pop in for a visit. He is in Ward 11, room 6. 
Fellowship Brunch - Easy like Sunday morning
A lovely way to start spring, with a  fellowship brunch. Plenty of laughs and full tummy's - even some Body Builder's breakfasts on order. I won't mention any names!
Rugby World Cup ERK Fundraiser
I really want to thank each and everyone of you  for the amazing amount we made with the auction. Personally I would have never thought that we could raise such a high amount. This is because in the Netherlands rugby isn’t a very well known sport, but luckily you all showed me how crazy you guys are about rugby!
Thanks to you there is already a big sum of money going to the amazing Emergency Response Kit (ERK) project. The sum of money going to the project is $727.50 which is enough for an ERK box. The ERK box will be sent to every pacific country that is in need of help after a natural disaster.
The auction will not be my only way of getting money for the ERK boxes. I will try to do so much more. So if you guys have a suggestion of a good way to do it I would love to hear about it. 
So thank you all so much for this achievement.
Graham Viall
George Wilson
Iain Smith
Grant Matheson
Leona Gould
Loyd Williams
Lars Lundö-Nielsen
Bernie Kay
Warren Garlick
Jon Faber
Malcolm Glasgow
All Blacks
Steve Budd
Grant Matheson
Leona Gould
South Africa
Andrew Hannah
John Ross
Waren Garlic
Morris Jones
Keith Hobman
Why am I a Rotarian - George Wilson
Why I joined ROTARY!

Three great men influenced my young life, my Father ,Don Rowlands ( Mr Rowing NZ and MD of Fisher & Paykel ) and Noel Bryant ( Past President of Papakura Rotary and my Father in Law )

Dad was a very practical man and one who was a great Christian who lived his faith by his deeds to others and drummed into me that one did not have to go to Church every Sunday to be a good Citizen but a little bit would help me. His greatest strength that he passed on to me was his belief that you should try to practice a good deed to someone in need every day and I do follow that example. Thanks Dad!

Don Rowlands  was an incredible man ,mentor and leader and friend ,with his vast Rowing discipline, experience and coaching techniques coupled to his business knowledge he was the pinnacle of our Rotary Motto “ Service above Self “ and really lived the Four Way Test. He invited me to the then Panmure Clubs Luncheon Meeting several times in my early years in Manufacturing and my first contact with ROTARY.

The Panmure Club doesn’t exist today as changing demographics play on service clubs and when I look back on the meeting formality, pomp and ceremony I can understand why and am proud of Rotary's progress to adjust to the changes. Interestingly they nearly cancelled his membership once because he could'nt meet the Attendance Requirements of the day and yet his Community Service levels could not be matched by anyone as he was deep into building the Rowing facility at Karapiro, laying international courses for Olympics and was Chairman for the Panmure Young Citizens Centre. His favourite saying to me was” when the ball gets close enough son simply kick it away!" He taught me all there was to know about goal setting.

Noel Bryant after assessing me from an intention point of view, in respect to his youngest daughter, was an unbelievable Human Being as he could see no bad in anyone ,his compassion was endless and he lived to improve the lot for the disadvantaged and the sick. His work in Rotary was well respected by his peers and I looked up to him as a person that I could really learn from. He did not take kindly to me tearing up his paddocks whilst practicing my Grass Track driving techniques in the hay paddock, but he quickly forgave me as was his great nature. Noel invited me to come along to a meeting of the Papakura Club in early 1975 in the original RSA top story in O'Shannessey Street. I got hooked and was inducted into the Club in 1975/1976 year with Ray Wallace as President.

The rest is history and for another day except to say that these three men shipped me into the Rotarian that I am today and I trust that I do them proud and that they can rest in peace in the knowledge that I will carry on their ideals.
Blue Edge
On Monday we were training at Fit60 with Kevin Mealamu, the legendary rugby player. This was our second session at Fit60 and the students absolutely loved it. Kevin had them doing a range of individual exercises to warm up and then we paired up and did a range of high intensity work. As each pair finished their set they cheered the rest of their friends on, there was a lot of good encouragement happening!
Charlie Brown Corner


Online Meeting
Thursday 2nd April at 6pm

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Duty Committee: Youth

Attendance: Robin Matheson




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