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30 July 2019| Issue 5

A Week in the Life of Tijn
This week has been quite busy. School is going great found my part in everything with my subjects, football and my friends. It surprised how friendly most of the kiwi’s are I thought it would still be quite a challenge to make some friends. Of course it’s still in the early stages but they are people who I like to hang around with.
Football has been fun had my training on Monday and now found mine part in the team.
We had a simple weekend, I went to Devonport with Jon and Tracey and played card games every night. Also practiced my golf because it wasn’t what it normally is when I played for the first time again.
Still and always enjoying every moment I am here.
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Why are you a Rotarian?
Malcolm Glasgow, member since 1991
"Fellowship!! I used to love the “Barrier Trip” that was held every year around February – April. Three - five boats would head out usually on a Thursday lunch time and head for Fitzroy harbour at Great Barrier Island. The general premise was fishing but there was a lot of laughing, eating, drinking, swimming, diving and generally solving the problems of the world. There were many stories to be told and most of them were in the class of “what happens on tour, stays on tour”. This is something we should try to organise again!"
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Edmund Hillary School Camp 2019

At our last meeting we had Kataraina Nock, Principal of Edmund Hillary School, and a  year 8 pupil, Faith, tell us about their recent time at YMCA’s Camp Adair, Hunua.   The school, which is a Decile 1, has been unable to fund camps for the pupils for many years, but this year reached out to the community for assistance.  The total cost of the camp, including food and transport was $25,000.   70 pupils and several staff, plus one parent, spent 4 days in the beautiful rural bush setting.  Papakura Rotary Club, in conjunction with Downtown Rotary and a District Grant, gave a total of $6,000 towards the cost.

RYE - a month of 'yellow'
If you close your eyes and imagine the colour yellow, that pretty much sums up my latest month here on exchange. As my sixth month comes to a close, I feel utterly and completely satisfied but not only that, I feel like I’m shining with happiness! When I reflect on the relationships that I’ve made and not only that but the growth I’ve had as a person I feel a sense of pure happiness and overall, just positive about this roller coaster of an adventure. 
Guess Who is Coming to Dinner
The third round of Guess Who is Coming to Dinner is this Saturday 3 August - Envelopes with leaving times will be given out at this week's meeting (or they can be emailed if you are not there this week). Let Lisa know if you want to use the email option.
Committee Meetings This Week

Committee Meetings this week!  Please make sure to put your apologies in if you are unable to make it.
Brunch at the Red Shed - Fellowship Event
Sunday 22 September 2019
64 Jesmond Road
RSVP to email invitation by 12 September 2019
Sad News
I have just received a message from past member Leighton Clark now in Havelock north.  He has suffered a nasty stroke and has spent 8 days in hospital due to the brain bleed. Jenny is mashing all his food to ensure nothing goes to his lungs. Leighton he is making progress and hopes to be up here before Christmas.
His message is a little muddled but that is the basics of it.
For those who know him and wish to make contact his number is 07 8777371 or you can email him at
Roger Goldstone
Papakura Rotary Year 27 - 1974
1974 – 75 President Alan Herkt (Fertiliser Distribution)
1974 and Alan Herkt continued with Community projects. The Hingaia Bridge rest area was tidied and enhanced. Rowley Lees organised a magazine library at Rosehill College. $500 was donated to the Sea Scouts building fund to allow construction to start. The International scene was not forgotten. Further talking book machines were sent to Sri Lanka, cattle drench to Tonga and baled hay to Samoa and we hosted a German G.S.E.Team.
DG Bio - Gary Langford
Gary is married to Jan and lives in Auckland. They have two adult children and a grandson.
A Chartered Accountant and retired Fellow of the Institute of Secretaries.  Gary has a Bachelor of Commerce and Administration and a Bachelor of Arts degree from Victoria University of Wellington and is a graduate of the Harvard Business School Advanced Management Programme.
Recently retired as CEO of Eagle Technology Group Limited.  Gary previously held senior leadership roles in public and government organisations.
A former member of the Rotary Club of Onehunga and now a member of Rotary Club of Auckland East.  Club president of Auckland East during the 2011-12 year.  A Paul Harris Fellow and member of the winning district quiz team.  Gary and Jan have hosted Rotary Youth exchange students from Denmark and the USA.  A member of the District 9920 leadership team, Gary is also a Rotary Leadership Institute trained facilitator.
Article from Rotary D9920 Website
This is your invitation to a wonderful Rotary Learning & Information opportunity to join us at our Rotary Leadership Institute (RLI) seminar weekend on Saturday 7 & Sunday 8 September 8.30am to 4.30pm at nearby Selwyn College.  
Further details are in the RLI invitation information flyer
See also the various RLI course modules that will be covered that weekend in the course overview:
New Rotarians are always welcome, as are longer term members.  
Now all that you need to do as soon as possible is to register that you would like to attend the next RLI weekend using the RLI registration form via emailing Pam & please also copy Byran 


Thursday 5th March 2020
Papakura RSA 
5.30pm for Dinner @ 6pm
Meeting @ 6.45pm

Meeting Responsibilities

Duty Committee: Youth

Attendance: Robin Matheson




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