Rotary Club of Papakura 

26 May 2020, Issue 39

Forest Visit - Thur 28th May

Grant Matheson

Grant is going to host an open day at the Forest he is working in this Thursday 28th May at 1pm. Grants invites you all to come and see there operation in action.

Anyone interested can meet at 1pm in the Red Fox Tavern carpark, Monument rd. in Maramarua . Grant will meet you and escort you into the Forest where you will have a good view point overlooking the setting they are currently working.

You will see the full cycle of Forest regeneration from new road formation for future harvesting, new cutover, new plantings ranging from 1 to 3 years. Plus, the machines they are operating.

Grant would love to see you all there. You are welcome to bring guests if you would like to. You must wear sturdy shoes/boots for this visit.

Hopefully the weather plays the game and is nice for us.

Cheers Grant

Upadte from Tijn 
Harbour bridge bungee jump
On Saturday 25th of May, Matthias, Elise and I did the Auckland harbour bridge bungee jump. We decided to do this because unfortunately, our exchange has almost come to an end. Also because of the coronavirus situation, the bungee jump was reduced in price so we found it an excellent moment to finally have this amazing experience.
Rotary Internationl 

"Now More than Ever, Rotary Connects the World: The 2020 Rotary Virtual Convention"

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"Now More than Ever, Rotary Connects the World: The 2020 Rotary Virtual Convention"
When: 20-26 June
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Hate’s An Easy Emotion
A beautiful piece written by George Wilson
Hate’s An Easy Emotion
In the garden of emotions
Hate is a noxious weed
Needing no cultivation
It grows from a mutant seed
There is no need to nurture
An emotion that doesn’t care
One that kills other plants
In a bed it will not share
Hate’s an easy emotion
Ignore it and it will spread
Growing out of bitterness
Leaving other emotions dead
It has no good intentions
No philosophical aims
Religion and politics
Are used to play it’s games
It will destroy the garden
And the soil that gave it birth
Spreading disease and despair
Leaving toxins in the earth
They who are embraced by hate
Cannot stand proud and tall
There is no honour for one
Who wants another to fall
In our garden of emotions
We have to pull the weeds
And provide the nutrients
For our emotional needs
In a garden that grows love
There is no room for hate
It’s seeds will lie dormant
They will not germinate.
Thursday 20th August 2020
Online meeting at 6pm. 
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