Rotary Club of Papakura 

19 May 2020, Issue 38

A thank you sent through from IHC volunteer co-ordinator Anna Wong for the support given to a local family during lockdown. 
Hi Lloyd
Thank you so much to Papakura Rotary for the food parcels that have been delivered to Michelle.
  • Michelle now has an advocate working with her so they are putting into place services to come help her and her son. 
  • Taxi chits have been put into place for her so she can travel without taking public transport.
  • IHC have provided her with supermarket vouchers, therefore Michelle will no longer need the support of the food parcels Rotary has been supplying.
  • The funding top up from the Govt is also helped.
When I spoke to Michelle, she seemed not so stressed, compared to that first week when I initially talked to her. She has asked me to pass on her sincere thanks to Rotary for the past weeks of food delivered to her door.
Appreciate all the Rotary has done for Michelle, and how things were so efficiently and quickly kicked into action.
Keep up the great job that Rotary does!
Papakura Rotary Year 39  1986 – 87  President Iver Davidson  (Woollen Yarn Retailing)
Iver Davidson set out to acknowledge some of the efforts of those in the community who give service but receive little recognition for their efforts.
The Club organised a special dinner to mark 21 years of service by the Papakura Meals on Wheels service. All past organisers, drivers and helpers were invited and Certificates of Merit were presented to Pat Rollerson, Phill Topp, Ruth Hughes, Vera Knibb, Dulcie Lyall and Bill Green. 
Rotary Downunder - May 2020
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This man was onto something ...
Thursday 6th August 2020
Papakura RSA
5.30pm for Dinner at 6pm
Meeting at 6.45pm
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