Rotary Club of Papakura 

10th September 2020, Issue 10

From the President's Desk
Hi All
So not the news we were hoping for!!!
I have had a ring round of most of the Directors and the general consensus is that we will have a meeting at the RSA this week, similar to how it ran last week, and then following dinner split into our Committees for a committee meeting, which we haven’t had for some time. If the RSA want firm catering numbers, you may get a call from your Director requesting confirmation of attendance. I will see what the RSA says tomorrow.
I acknowledge that this is not what we were hoping for, but understand it is a lot more than some clubs are able or willing to do.
George and I did some ERKing last Saturday. The club who were packing did 100 ERK’s. It is surprising how much de-fragging and pre-packing still has to be done.
If anyone has contact details for the Alzheimer’s Association, please give to George. Please write it down on a piece of paper and give it to him, don’t just tell him!!!
Yours in Rotary
Committee Dinner

Thursday 17th September at 6pm  RSA

Join us for a Committee dinner on Thursday 17th September at 6pm.  
This dinner will be at the RSA Papakura and will follow all the requirements for Covid-19 level 2.5. 
RSA Papakura rules under the Government Covid-19 Level 2.5 restrictions
  • RSA can have 100 people in at a time, keeping to groups of no more than 10 people.
  • YOU MUST SIGN IN If you have the Mobile App, we have the QR SCAN CODE poster or SIGN IN sheets available at both entrances.
  • Social Distancing is a MUST- please keep 2 metres or 6 Ft apart from the next person.
  • Face Mask – OPTIONAL
  • RSA have hand sanitiser/ wipes available around the club, they are there to be used to protect yourself and others.
  • If you are sick, please stay home as we are all in this FIGHT together against COVID- 19
  • Take Care, Stay Safe & Be Kind
    ERK'S Working Bee 

    Great work by all the club members who helped with the ERK boxes on Saturday. 

    NZ Motorcycle Show 2020
    Put it in your diary 
    Zone 8 | Rotary 2020 | Virtual Conference 
    Publised on the Rotary Ociena Facebook page

    Rotary International
    Published on the Rotary International website
    Young inventor of eco-friendly bricks comes full circle
    Binish Desai began working on an eco-friendly brick made out of recycling and waste, when he was 11. The former Rotary Youth Exchange student, inventor, and entrepreneur credits Rotary with giving him the support to pursue his dreams. Now he’s giving back through a new Rotary club.
    Diving Legend 
    John Ross
    The photo of John was a reminder to us all of a man very close to 80 years old in his element on a lonely Waiheke Beach, picking through the abundant driftwood to produce an excellent fire.
    Having this Diving Legend in our club is a very special privilege. John he can still free dive for Scallops in 14 meters of water and on this occasion he had collected some mussels.
    We cooked them on a lovely rocky beach on Waiheke last Friday on a day from heaven.
    We enjoyed a day out of the box on Friday. Flat calm seas, lovely sunny day and great company; a world away from Covid-19. How Lucky are we to be in Gods Own.
    Having Fun on Zoom
    Thursday 17th September 2020
    Committee meeting dinner at 6pm in RSA 

    Meeting Responsibilities

    Duty Committee: International

    Attendance: Robin Matheson




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