Rotary Club of Papakura 

22nd October 2020, Issue 16

Polio Train 
From the President's Desk
Greetings fellow Rotarians.
The RSA inform that they are looking forward to seeing us this Thursday, so we are back in action.
Providing there are not more than 100 of us turn up everything will be fine. (Please, no one use this as an excuse not to come!)
Great to see a small but dedicated group join last week’s Zoom meeting. Great to see one of our prospective members, Linda, join us on-line.
Thanks to the group that attended Salvation Army packing on Tuesday. The Salvation Army organizers apparently love it when Papakura Rotary come to pack. They commented that by the time the packers leave everything is put away, all the rubbish is put in the bins and all the cardboard is flattened and put out. All they have to do is run a light sweep over the floor.
See you Thursday
Final Packing Day
Thursday 15th October saw the final packing day for the Emergency Box Packing with a strong team of Papakura Rotary Volunteers in action not only packing the last 35 Boxes but also getting stuck in to decommission the site and take the RNZWCS equipment back to the storage container in Mangere.
The Ellerslie Club members (the organising team) led by Past DG Willard Martin and Gabrielle assisted by David Broadhead and Bob Macky are to be congratulated for the fine result that they achieved finishing the packing on this date when considering the obstacles that they endured due to the Covid 19 Challenge.

A huge thanks to members of our club who participated in any of the days that we attended it has been really appreciated by the organisers and was absolutely a fine effort by all is so a HUGE thanks.
It has always interested me that clubs that participate in working bees of this nature gain much more than they give in the strengthening of relationships and the bonding of members Generally the Club emerges stronger than ever after the experience.

A special thanks to Peter, Pres Allan, and Lois, Ted, Warren and Jackie, Barry, Dawn, Steve Van Denbrink, all helped so well on the last day. I just hope that no one suffered a sore back, even Pres Allan pulling the pallets.
Cheers George
Salvation Army Food Boxes
Tuesday 13th October packing Session for the Salvation Army saw some 175 Boxes packed by the team of Ted, Lyn, Peter, Barry, David, Warren, and Maurice.  Which is a huge effort for the team and additionally Lois and Jackie packed up a huge reserve of flour.
Donna and Dawn got stuck in and packed a whopping 90 packs of personal products and the Pete Ross and George were run off their feet as backroom stockists.
A great effort and thanks to everyone for your continuing support of this Community Service Activity.
Peter Ross's Award to George
Salvation Army Packing Day
Donation of Video Conference to Papakura High School
Today I had the privilege to visit Papakura high with Roger Goldstone, to donate a Video conferencing system from MSD in New Zealand.
We met with Principal John Rohs and DP Paul van Etten.
The VC was very well received and a formal thank you letter to MSD has already been received.
John Rohs sums it up nicely - “Our very deepest appreciation of the company's generosity and thoughtfulness in donating this equipment to our school. With the significant demands and challenges which COVID-19 has presented, this kind of technology provides a valuable tool in the communication needs of our school.”
Rotary Club of Papakura naturally earns a huge Thank you as well for facilitating this donation. Roger in particular for his swift action in contacting the school to enquire about the interest in this equipment and facilitating the handover on very short notice.
Polio Train - Friday 23rd October

POLIO ALL TRANSIT EVENT : Ride a Train to enable others to Walk “TAG YOU ON TAG POLIO OFF”

Polio Train – Video
Below is the link that Jennie Herring talked about at Rotary.
Sponsor George, Bernie and Allan
Polio Train - 23rd October
Our club has responded to this event and Allan, Bernie and George are to be the Train Riders from Papakura representing our Club.
We are also a changeover station from the Electric to Diesel Trains. Therefore, we will need a team of enthusiastic volunteers from our club to form a reception team at the Station.  All in our Red Tee Shirts and Caps, rattling a bucket for small change but more importantly for the promotional side of the event.
We were the first club to reply and sign up and it was very appreciated by those dedicated Rotarians running the event.
President Allan will be discussing with Directors concerning a Club Donation to Polio. However, both Allan, Bernie and George will independently be looking for sponsors large and small so do not be shy to approach them, or else you could be solicited. You can donate per station visited or as George suggestion the same as last year a $20 flat fee per Rotarian that would be greatly appreciated.
Tag YOU on Tag  POLIO off
Save the date
Bag Tags
Lois McKay is collecting bread bag tags for Sustainable Papakura. Please bring any tags to Rotary. Thank you
Final Word
Thursday 11th March 2021
Papakura RSA
5.30pm for Dinner at 6pm
Meeting at 6.45pm

Meeting Responsibilities

Duty Committee: Youth

Attendance: Robin Matheson


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