Rotary Club of Papakura Inc.

28 October 2018 | Issue 19

From the President's Desk

Hello fellow Rotarians,
This week at the meeting we had DG Ingrid Waugh visit the Club to present George Wilson with a trophy for his generosity to the Rotary Foundation and recognise his hard work in Rotary. You are a true inspiration George and we are certainly very lucky to have you as a member of our club.
It was nice to hear from Ingrid that our club and the work we do is getting noticed and talked about at District level.  I am certainly proud of what we have achieved and the impact our club has on our local community.
I had my cousin Richard and his wife Yvon over from Holland visiting this week (who is also a Rotarian) and he really enjoyed our relaxed manor and the humour of the evening. He remarked that he wished his club had more of that. They were quite taken with the fine system and were still laughing about getting fined for not wearing shorts! Again, I could not help but feel proud of us and the projects we do. Richard left our meeting inspired and really impressed at what a small club (in Dutch terms) full of passionate rotarians can achieve.
See you all on Thursday
Speaker of the Week

We had Neil Bryant come along to the club on Thursday to speak on the positive altruistic behaviour of people, and why we do good things for others without a foreseeable benefit for ourselves.  
To be honest, I hadn't given a lot of thought to why we come together  each week and work to make our community a better place. It just feels like the right thing to do. Neil gave us some insight to his thoughts and research on the topic which certainly had me thinking of how proud I am to be a Rotarian.  I have to say he was a great speaker with a great topic and message " Don't keep Rotary a secret. It is not the time to be humble, you need to tell your stories".
Papakura Rotary, I am proud to stand amongst you.
Spot the Rotarian

Murray and Pam spent two wonderful days in Rome and said it had been "lovely and sunny". A chocolate fish to anyone that can find them in the crowd!
A little kindness goes a long way...

Papakura Rotary is all about people. We come together to share ideas and take action for no other reason than because we believe it is the right thing to do. Each month the Papakura Budgeting Service puts forward three families that could do with a little extra kindness and Roger received this lovely note from one of the recipients of a grocery order purchased at Papakura New World.
Committee Meetings This Week

Committee Meetings this week.  Please make sure to put your apologies in if you are unable to make it.
2018 Papakura Christmas Parade

It is that time of the year again (it is only 58 days until Christmas) and on Sunday the 2nd of December the annual Papakura Christmas Parade will be held at 3pm. Please make sure you put the date in your diary's!

Cambridge Garden Festival

One for you mad keen gardeners out there .... now wouldn't this be a great way to spend a Saturday?
District Corner

The 2019 District 9920 conference is being held at the Napier Conference Centre from 10 - 12 May 2019.

Registrations are open and early bird registrations (15% discount) will be available until 30 November 2018.  To register for the Conference click here

The costs are:
  • Conference Delegate $345 (early bird $293.25)
  • Delegate's Partner $235 (early bird $199.75)
  • Rotaract (conference only - no meals) $170 (early bird $144.50)

The theme for the conference is Keep Rotary Real

There are events available outside of the conference - Check out District 9920 Conference 2019 Registration website for more details


Rotary International News

After 30 years of bold action, historic achievements, and sometimes discouraging setbacks, Rotary and its partners in the Global Polio Eradication Initiative (GPEI) have nearly brought polio to an end. 
Roger That!
The key to change  -  is to let go of fear


Thursday 28th March 2019

Papakura RSA 

5.30pm for Dinner @ 6pm

Meeting @ 6.45pm



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