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3rd September 2020, Issue 9

Literacy Month
From the President's Desk
Hi All
So not the news we were hoping for!!!
I have had a ring round of most of the Directors and the general consensus is that we will have a meeting at the RSA this week, similar to how it ran last week, and then following dinner split into our Committees for a committee meeting, which we haven’t had for some time. If the RSA want firm catering numbers, you may get a call from your Director requesting confirmation of attendance. I will see what the RSA says tomorrow.
I acknowledge that this is not what we were hoping for, but understand it is a lot more than some clubs are able or willing to do.
George and I did some ERKing last Saturday. The club who were packing did 100 ERK’s. It is surprising how much de-fragging and pre-packing still has to be done.
If anyone has contact details for the Alzheimer’s Association, please give to George. Please write it down on a piece of paper and give it to him, don’t just tell him!!!
Yours in Rotary
The late Miriam Baardman
A little bit of History (Miriam Baardman)

The first recorded local project where the Lions and Rotary Clubs of Papakura combined was in 1993. 
A request from Sarah Farey was received by the Directorate of the Club to assist a local lady (Miriam Baardman of Liverpool St) to raise $50,000, to enable her to travel to Brisbane to have a liver transplant. The local Lions Club had received a similar request so for the first time in Papakura Lions and Rotary worked together to raise funds in a common cause. (the Miriam Baardman Trust).
A small committee consisting of the late Dave Williamson and the late Colin Buchanan from the Lions Club met regularly with George Wilson and Murray Guy from Rotary to organise fundraising activities such as sausage sizzles, road blocks on Christmas Parade day and the hated raffles.  During the months of November and December the target of $50,000 was met by the Trust,
After two transplants in January 1994 Miriam was restored to health and she returned to Papakura in the first week of June 1994
Miriam was given another 26 years of life and she passed away recently on 20th July. During those 26 years I met Miriam many times. She always had a smile was very grateful to Rotary and Lions for their financial support.
Members will be aware that Liver Transplants were rare in those days and were not undertaken in New Zealand.    
Murray Guy
NZ Motorcycle Show 2020
Put it in your diary 
Zone 8 | Rotary 2020 | Virtual Conference 
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Rotary International
Rotary continuing to rid the world of Polio.
Make you smile
The question is which Rotarian sent this joke??
Pour a measure of whisky, gin or rum into a glass,
then see if you can smell it.
If you can, then drink it and if you can taste it,
it is reasonable to assume that you are currently free of Covid-19.
I tested myself nine times last night and was virus
free each time, thank goodness.
I will test myself again today because I have a terrible headache which can also be a Covid-19 symptom.
The problem with masks 
Thursday 17th September 2020
Committee meeting dinner at 6pm in RSA 

Meeting Responsibilities

Duty Committee: International

Attendance: Robin Matheson




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