Rotary Youth Exchange Student Tijn was hosted for the afternoon by Morris and Vicki on Tuesday for his first trip to  Hunua Regional park, which he thoroughly enjoyed. The visit also gave him a chance to be won over by the newest Jones family member, Jess who according to Tijn is "extremely cute".  He had his first Kiwi BBQ of the 'summer' and was most proud to say he happily put some broccoli on his plate! He has come along way in the 'vege department'. Thanks very much Morris and Vicki for the hospitality and if anyone else would like to sieze the opportunity to get to know Tijn a little more, there's no doubt that he will jump at the chance.
This week is the last week that Tijn is with the Faber's and come Friday, he makes his first move of the exchange, already a quarter of the way through!  Tijn will spend the next three months with Lars, Nicky and Pia Lundo-Nielson and he is really looking forward to getting to know them all.  In late October is off to the TARGA rally with President of Drury Rotary Peter Martin and two other exchange students for a week and he has his  3 week South Island Trip coming up, so there will be plenty for him to share in his "One Minutes"!