An update on the great work being done on the Breakfast programme at Edmund Hillary School.
A big thank you to all the Papakura Rotarian's and partners running the breakfast club.


Edmund Hillary School Breakfast Programme.
The team from Rotary Papakura have settled into this wonderful programme very smoothly and although there is always challenges at this time of the year the attendance from the students has been reasonably steady to date with on average 45 to 55 showing up for Breakfast.
We purchased a clock, to introduce some way of training the students to realise that the window of opportunity for the breakfast is from 7.30 to 8.30 am and that after the finish time there is no more Weetbix served and only any spare toast available to those pleading dark eyes that are enough to soften any heart.  This is another step in their education in that there is a consequence if you are late! A very modern problem with our very soft society today. It is also important because some of our Team need to be away before 9am for other commitments.
The favourite toast is the Strawberry Jam variety and the least favoured is the Vegemite, however in general the Students are well mannered (sometimes reminded) and very well behaved.
Many thanks to the Team for the support and Rotary can be proud of this small but vital Youth/Community Project.