In order to make use of ClubRunner and make changes to your page, you need to know how to log in.

1. To login to your ClubRunner website, open our Club website in a internet browser

At the top right of the screen, Click on Member Login.


2. Next you will be taken to the Login screen. Here you can enter your Login Name and Password. If you are new or have forgotten your login or password, please contact Tracey.  

Note: For security reasons, your password is hidden when you enter it. Take extra care to enter it correctly.


3. When you have entered your information, click the Login button. If it does not let you in then the user name or password is incorrect. 


4. You have now been returned to your club homepage. At the top right hand side of the screen, you will see a personal welcome message, a link to the Member Area, and an option to logout. To access ClubRunner and manage your information and web content, click on Member Area.



5. You will now see your member area home page, similar to the image below, where you can access all the functions of ClubRunner.