2017 and 2018 Education Trust recipients

Below you can read Cameron Baker's speech about his first year at University.  Cameron was one of the 2017 receptionists of the Papakura Rotary Education Trust scholarship.

Hi everyone, so good to see you all again. Thank you so much for choosing me a year ago to be a scholarship recipient. I’m stoked to say you guys made the right choice as hands down easily said this has been by far my best year yet. I just completed my first year at the University of Auckland studying towards a Bachelor of Arts in Communications and Media, and a Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing and International Business… which is a mouthful, but I can genuinely say I love it so much.

I still aim to work in the digital-new technology-marketing industry that is only just starting to bloom in the past few years. Realistically the job I’ll have in 4 years may not of even been invented yet as a lot of businesses are in the experimental stages of utilising things like social media marketing and utilising future technologies.

I truly owe my year being so great to living in my hall of residence, University Hall Towers. Now some of my best friends are from all over New Zealand and I have some of the wildest and craziest memories. If anyone is going into a hall of residence next year my great advice is don’t compare yourself to those around you. Halls can often be a competitive environment, even if your degree isn’t competitive because naturally everyone wants to be the best at what they specialise at. This plus side to this was that it has kept me on edge and constantly pushing myself to achieve top marks. One thing I wish I learnt quicker is that someone will always be better at you at something, which sucks, but that’s just life. However, it goes vice versa and there will always be something that you can do that someone else can’t.

A great highlight of my year was winning the management case consulting competition in a team with two of my friends from Rosehill College. We had to consult CEO’s of business in NZ and give them legitimate marketing strategies for their companies which was actually extremely intimidating! From this, the company we consulted in the final round called Niesh has reached out to us after the competition for marketing and strategy advice, so it’s been great to get some real industry experience so early on in my degree.

I have recently just started the very long and frustrating application process to do a full year exchange to The University of Melbourne in 2020. When I graduate I plan to move overseas when I finish my conjoint degree and land a graduate role in either Sydney or New York as there are so many opportunities in the digital industry there. Completing ¼ of my degree at such an internationally respected university will definitely put my foot in the door. Doing an exchange is not the cheapest thing in the world so this scholarship truly helps me out alot and I can assure you that every dollar counts
Thank you so much Papakura Rotary. The best thing about this scholarship is truly the fact that you saw something great in me and I can’t thank you enough for helping me make 2018 my best year yet.

Cameron Baker