Final Packing Day
Thursday 15th October saw the final packing day for the Emergency Box Packing with a strong team of Papakura Rotary Volunteers in action not only packing the last 35 Boxes but also getting stuck in to decommission the site and take the RNZWCS equipment back to the storage container in Mangere.
The Ellerslie Club members (the organising team) led by Past DG Willard Martin and Gabrielle assisted by David Broadhead and Bob Macky are to be congratulated for the fine result that they achieved finishing the packing on this date when considering the obstacles that they endured due to the Covid 19 Challenge.

A huge thanks to members of our club who participated in any of the days that we attended it has been really appreciated by the organisers and was absolutely a fine effort by all is so a HUGE thanks.
It has always interested me that clubs that participate in working bees of this nature gain much more than they give in the strengthening of relationships and the bonding of members Generally the Club emerges stronger than ever after the experience.

A special thanks to Peter, Pres Allan, and Lois, Ted, Warren and Jackie, Barry, Dawn, Steve Van Denbrink, all helped so well on the last day. I just hope that no one suffered a sore back, even Pres Allan pulling the pallets.
Cheers George