Posted by George Wilson
As a long serving member of Rotary Papakura I thought that I should make a few comments regarding our last meeting and congratulate all concerned for a very enjoyable experience. I came away absolutely glowing about the experience, with renewed energy given the enjoyment that the evening provided.

The fact that Peter Wilcock almost took up a guest speakers time slot (but what a great presentation!), paled into insignificance when President Jon pulled off another of his amazing mergers of the old and new styles of inducting two new members. A stroke of genius on his part and something that gives me real hope for the future of Rotary, where we respect and include the past but are not frightened to make a change. I believe that it was enjoyed by all and congratulations Mr President. You are 'Being the Inspiration'!!!

As for our guest speaker Anne, what a great presentation as only the Irish can do! So interesting and from the heart and what a depth of experience she brings to our club. Although I would have liked to have learned more about her experiences in London Town, I think that those facts should remain there.

This is what is so important to Rotary!!! On one night alone we linked into the depth of a person like Anne with all her experience and were also introduced two new strands of experience in the form of two new members with their own portfolios under their arms.  Such a complement to our club, so exciting to me and I believe that we are on track to be the best club in D 9920!!

George Wilson