Posted by George Wilson

On Wednesday 30th October Roger Goldstone and I met with Rosalie Freeman, a foundation Trustee of the newly formed Papakura High School Charitable Trust. The object of the meeting was to gain an understanding of their goals and aspirations and to try to link them with our own Papakura  Rotary desires to assist our Community. We were presented with a really informative Brochure which really spells out the background of each of the four trustees and illustrates their linkage to the School and story behind the trigger that set them on this journey. 
Of course it was the film documentary of “ Under the Bridge” that wonderful  capturing of this Papakura Challenge, that inspired these dedicated people to form the Trust with the objective of giving Papakura High School Students the quality educational experiences that gives them the confidence and skills to succeed. We quickly realised that the Provision of outdoor experiences which is the top of their list nicely matches our clubs relationship with Kakako Lodge. This was really endorsed when John Rohs came in on the discussion and gave us some first hand examples of the huge success that a week long course at Kakako had delivered to a trial course earlier this year. 

We will be circulating some material regarding this Trust to spread the word across our members and out to the wider community. Please help all that you can in any way as this is a real vehicle through which we can materially assist the School.
George Wilson