A few weeks ago, we heard from and got inspired by Mel Tipene – Talking about her Project “Kuraconnect” and her vision togather all sports organization across every society in our Community.
Friday 6 Nov, the last of a series of 4 Touch Rugby event for the lower socioeconomic sector – was Held at Bruce Pulman park.
For this occasion, Mel Tipene and Kuraconnect managed to arrange a large donation of water, bread and sausages to cook for the troops.
Enter the recently commissioned Crime Watch trailer and the Rotarian army – in a puff of smoke and with the sun behind them. President Alan was leading the charge from the front. General and Public liaison officer George Wilson by his side and a handful of trusty soldiers (Lloyd, Barry, Lars) followed hot on their heels.
Every one rapidly set up camp and we got stuck in doing the cooking and feeding.
Having heard about this event the Rotarian army reserves sent in Reinforcements to assist in shape of Former exchange student Kate (Denmark 2019). Who quickly took charge of the preparation of bread for the sausages.
By 8pm the battle was over and won – The trusty Rotarian Army having cooked and dished outs 200+ Sausages and 7+ Kg onions.
The whole experience was fantastic and well received by the Players and a great number of Thank You’s was received accompanied by big smiles.
My moment was when this young boy came up to me:
“Excuse me Sir, How much for a sausage sizzle?”
“You don’t have to pay my friend – the sausages are free!”
“True?? Are we allowed more than one??” – Cheeky grin on his face
“Sure why not – one for each hand, how about that?”
“True?? Thank you sir – you’re the best” - Cheeky grin gone replaced by genuine smile
Appreciation at it’s best
Kuraconnect was very appreciative of the help from Rotary and while it was a Kuraconnect event – Rotary got their name out there at NO cost to the club (well maybe $25 for some onions).
I’m certain we both can and should do more of this and who know, we may in return be able to round up a few extra helpers should we ever be in need.  
Regards Lars