Posted by George Wilson
Warren Garlick and Vicki Jones tirelessly folding clothing for the final Box Production Line

ERK Progress Update

The last two weeks have been ‘all on’ at the Tamaki Campus, with all items requiring some form of de-fragging. There have been many hours of labour from the District Committee headed by Dennis Mallard from Auckland East and several clubs including Half moon Bay, St Johns and Papakura. We are really grateful to these Clubs as without this work, the project would not be possible.


John Allen  from Rotary Auckland East preparing the items for the first Bucket Run.

The resultant yield of cardboard has filled two bins to date with another on the way and a couple of covered trailers full of recyclable plastic.

De-fragging in New Zealand reduces the pollution that would occur if we sent it in the Boxes to the Pacific. The cellophane removed from the cutlery alone took about 25 man hours, not to mention the rubber bands and cardboard.

We have had a reasonable run to date. All the buckets are now full and it is just the cooking pots to be filled. Some plates were missed off the order from China so a compromise was needed and found. The time line continues, with the first production run of Boxes due next Saturday 14th July with three clubs joining hands to make it a big day. Anytime anyone would like to help please contact me and I can organise an opportunity. We will complete the job on Sat 28th July packing them all into containers. 

Thank you Papakura for your support to date, you are the best !!!


De-fragged pots ready to be filled with dishes and nails