Posted by Roger Goldstone

Member Roger Goldstone share's his best 'picks' from the latest Rotary Magazines.
Following my trips to hospital it has taken a while to get going again. However, I must say the Rotary Down Under over the last few months has not enthused me as much as previously, not for the average Kiwi Rotarian. Having said that “The Klinginsmith” articles always makes good reading and I would suggest that the challenges in the June issue do give food for thought. We may not always agree in change but worth reading.
The other part worth a read is in connection with the Australia New Zealand Rotary Conference. This is in Hobart, Tasmania and for those that have not been to Tassie, it would be a wonderful opportunity to see an area of Australia that is well worth the visit for some time out.
In “The Rotarian”, June, Paul Netzel give some interesting facts including: “We must work to engage the 50% of the world’s population that is under the age of 30.Surveys consistently show that that these young people want to make a difference and to volunteer.” March Rotarian has a focus on Rotaract and Rotary, several pages on how they connect, should we
be more proactive in this area? The April issue has some challenges re “Focus on projects” and membership.
As Rotarians we are entitled to the travel benefits that probus offer in travel and travel insurance. As a past Director of Probus South Pacific I get copies of their quarterly issues. I am happy to make copies available to any who would like to peruse them. For those into Ancestry there is an excellent article to read including the DNA opportunities available.
And to finish ....our weekly quote "Progress always involves risk; you can’t steal second base and still keep your foot on first."