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Some interesting facts TO PONDER ON from this month’s issue -
Once  again it does not do justice to Rotary in New Zealand or our District, however there are several points of general interest and towards the back a few articles about Rotary in different parts of NZ. Promoting Rotary in RDU is something we should try to address from Papakura.
P.5       Digital versus Written format, do we need to get a magazine? This a very interesting article and we as Rotarians should read and form our own opinions.
P.8       The Klingsmith Challenge. He states “before we get to planning, we need to develop appropriate strategy”. He has outlined a plan from the Rotary Club of Brisbane and then asks some questions. How to target and retain members:
Who is the “Ideal Rotarian”
What is the value proposition delivered by our Rotary Club?
How can the club grow and diversify its membership? He later writes about Fellowship, Fun, Foundation, Fulfilment, Leadership, Networking, Mentorship, Project Opportunities & Expertise, Brand Exposure, Leadership & Community Engagement. A good read, recommended
P.24     Doing good is good business and goes on to write “Unlike conventional models, where business and moral decision making can be clearly differentiated, in the case of Rotary, Doing Good is our Business.
P.31     Building strong connections – an article by a NZ club, Rotary Club of Whangarei.
P.32     Another NZ programme from Invercargill –most interesting.
P.36     Combined Rotorua Rotary Clubs, Charitable Trust working with people with intellectual disabilities
P.37     The Wellington area overhauling New Zealand’s Playgrounds.
P.50     For the travellers – cruising. A Rotary Down Under Cruise.
Reminder -  Last month I had this - Fighting crime? P 18 gives us facts re our Maori population, New Zealand and Australia, we are all aware of. I highly recommend pages 22 & 23. Should we as a Rotary club interested in our local community set up a meeting with Brian Joyce and Tony Kake to discuss this initiative? George and I know Tony Kake reasonable well and sure we could set it up. 
We will wait for George to return.