Helping at Salvation Army and Papakura Maree
This week our working bee at the Salvation Army Foodbanks saw two of our ladies attend a session on Monday at the Papakura Branch. Whilst they always underplay what they achieve, I understand that although they did not need to pack many boxes they did undertake other very important tasks and preparation work.

The second working bee is one that we have committed too on the second Tuesday of each month at the Manukau Branch and is under the watchful eye of that supreme organiser Peter Ross from the Newmarket Club.

Peter as some will know is the District Chair for Youth and has done an outstanding job over the last four years in merging many of the youth programmes under his watch. We have seen great improvements in these programmes. Peter is also the top dog for RYLA, Chairs a couple of the District Trusts and now has tucked this Food Packing challenge under his belt. We should be all very grateful for having such talented Rotarians as him.

With our team of Ten from Papakura on Tuesday, we not only partially reorganised and replenished the stock we also managed to pack 130 boxes and at the same time as had quite a few laughs.

An unexpected outcome of the day was, for the second time, being able to deliver a Ute load of Buns, Bread and Cakes to the Papakura Marae courtesy of the Salvation Army.
The operation at the Maree is huge and of a scale much larger in volume than what we are seeing at the Salvation Army and as the photo depicts the quantities in the trolleys .This is a project that is also growing as the economy tightened and these people reach out for assistance at all levels, food included. The Maree is running out the supply of food on a continuous basis and is a huge operation but really a great example of people looking after each other. 

The Community Dinners that they have traditionally run on a Thursday night have now expanded to include a Tuesday night as well and the numbers have grown up to 300 per night. The dinners are open to anyone in need and free of charge.

Briefly, they are very grateful for any assistance and anyone who can contribute should not hesitate to lend a helping hand. In my mind, they are really trying hard with a difficult situation but at the very least are trying to assist as many people.
Anyone is welcome to visit especially Rotarians. (Might be something to do with the Cakes.)