Last Tuesday saw another keen team of recruits head toward Manukau to the Salvation Army Depot to join with members from Newmarket and Remuera Clubs to perform a wider than normal suite of tasks no the least a major packing of a pallet of fresh carrots donated from a Pukekohe Grower. Peter, Warren and Maurice demolished the job and never want to see another carrot again, but thanks guys.

Ted, Sue Vicky and Lois repacked both flour, rice in great quantities, and then got stuck into joining the packing line with the great efficiency and experience that they always exhibit.
A great effort by all concerned and further endorsement that our projects don’t need to be about Dollars but are just as rewarding when Community Service is the major driver.
These are the dates to put into your diary if you are available and of course, the desire, we can roll along any Tuesday and be appreciated but certainly on our Papakura specified days. George will continue to send reminders.
We have had a great 6 months helping at The Salvation Army Food Distribution Centre in Manukau, and I know all of the Rotary efforts have been greatly appreciated by the Salvation Army team at that location.
I would personally like to thank you all for your support over that period.
So this is the last Roster for 2020.
Just confirming with everyone the following Roster for Parcel packing at Manukau
10th November                 Papakura Rotary
17th November                 Newmarket Rotary
24th November                Composite team; St Johns, Newmarket, Howick, maybe Half Moon Bay (lead by Alan Hayward mobile 0211079978)
1st December                    Papakura Rotary (if Remuera wish to have some volunteers involved please call George Wilson mobile 021736966)
8th December                    Newmarket Rotary
15th December                 Papakura and Newmarket Rotary combined, with others if they wish to volunteer, please call Alan Hayward mobile 0211079978
Please note that the Salvation Army is hoping to provide a special lunch for the December dates by way of thanks to all our volunteers
The 15th of December will be our last planned Rotary Packing event for 2020.