Work with this organisation is ongoing and our Club has risen to this challenge with great enthusiasm and support and in particular our Rotary Wives have accepted the challenge of packing Food Boxes at the Papakura Centre on both Mondays and Fridays. Forming two teams that will primarily stay with their chosen day but who could move to the other day where the occasion arises. Should you want to get on the roster for Mondays ring Lyn 021 725 756 and Fridays Sue on 021 950 984
This work has been met with delight by Carol Jordon at the centre who is overjoyed with the performance of our trial period and absolutely loves the people concerned, and who wouldn’t as they each have so much experience in such a variety of ways that will assist fine tune the whole exercise. 
This work is in addition to the rostered day that we get from time to time at the Manukau Centre and Peter Ross the Chair of District Youth Committee says that this work will only become bigger as the harder financial times bite in to the economy. Rotary’s role in all of this is not designed in any way to take over this well organised and respected operation but to support and give not only labour but finance and improvements where needed as with our ERK’s packing experience we have some knowledge and a wide portfolio across the wider business spectrum.
We have the Manukau Centre manager, Theresa Parker is coming to speak to us on Thursday 30th July and she will better explain the work of this wonderful organisation and the holistic approach that they employ in their endeavours to help those in genuine need. It a far cry from simply the hand out mentality that has ruined the self-esteem of so many. We look forward to hearing her presentation and you all should be very proud of your work. Thanks heaps for all the support!!!