Posted by George Wilson


Anyone for carrots?
Read on the hear the latest news from George and Lyn about the adventures in Zimbabwe.

Hi President Jon & Members,

We are now at the end of the first tour with us ending up on the Zambian side of Victoria Falls at the very luxurious Thorntree River Lodge about 10 km from Livingston and being spoilt to near death. Our experiences in Zimbabwe have been so wonderfull from a Big Game point of view, seeing the big five with ease and flying between camps in those wonderful air taxis  the Cessna Caravan 12 seaters. We had camps at Hwange, Matusadona On Lake Kariba, and Mana Poolsat Kanga Camp, each very different and with varied safaris. 


The highlight is always the deep discussion around the camp fire or at the mandatory sundowners each night and what an education that provides as these people are so sensitive to carry their country into the future and yet very wary or their internal politics and the baggage from a very tragic past. Just a must do place to visit full of surprises, my favourite place the Armchair Safari Mana Pools National Park where the water draws all the animals to the lounge deck!
Top Temperature 42 f degrees.

Start saving for this trip now!

Best Regards to all!

George and Lyn