Hi President Jon and fellow members,

Sorry for the big delay in contact however the availability of wifi, for better or the worst, in remote regions is a reality that only hits when you need it most. Africa is interesting in that you sometimes can find wifi when you least expect it, similar to when you see a Masai Warrior pull a cell phone from under his skirt.
We started our second leg by flying from Livingstone in another wonderful Cessna Caravan and headed to the Lower Zambezi National Park to the Chongwe River Camp landing safely after an hour and a half deep in Zambia. The Park was home to a huge variety of wildlife species and we saw almost everything in four full days of Game Drives, fishing and Walking Safaris.
The Camp was set on the West Bank of the Chongwee River just prior to its entry into the great Zambezi River and I would rate it as one of the most picturesque places I have ever seen. Elephants, Crocs and Hippos abound and with lots of boating it really suited me with the high lite a Canoeing Safari trying to navigate around grumpy rhinos and crocks.

John Ross would love it as their motto is ;
Great service and winning smiles are more important than dressing for dinner!

Quote of the day: All that really belongs to us is time ,even he who has nothing has that!
We have now got deeper into the real Zambia travelling by air again for nearly two hours to the South Luangwa National Park to visit two camps with very little water influence until it rains next month so the few water holes were full of Hippo,s and the game very concentrated in these areas.Temperatures still up around 40 degrees with bush burn offs occurring regularly and subsequently fabulous sun sets.

The camps Luwi Bush Camp and the Nsolo Bush Camps are a legacy of the work that the famous Norman Carr undertook back in the 1980's when he set out with his environmental crusade to set up environmental tourism. Certainly all brings one back to reality and ask ourselves a few questions about the environment, perhaps the greens have a point or two!

Lion kills, leopard sightings, wildebeest antics, lion cub locating all on the menu and being achieved, so really enjoying the privilege of being here.

George and Lyn