Dilworth Girls' School Vision
The link attached to this article is the most compelling and eye watering film clip thatā€™ll reach into the soul of anyone with an interest in the development of youth in our country.
It has been produced by Dilworth School and touches on all aspects and reasons for helping disadvantaged children and consolidates the rationale behind educating our people into greater potential.
The Newmarket Club and the Chenery Trust are involved with Dilworth school. They present the school with a Scholarship Programme like we do for Papakura High School. 
After viewing this clip, you may better appreciate our other Club Activities like our work with the Ed Hillary School, the Breakfast Programme, the Dictionaries, RYPEN Camp working with Scouts to name a few.
Watch and absorb the whole clip as it also includes their change to include girls and walks thru time up to the present day.
Keep a Tissue handy.!!!