Weekend - 5th & 6th February 2022
The NZCRR (NZ Classic Motorcycle Racing Register Inc.) have sought our help with ticketing their event once again. 
Weekend - 13th - 15th May 2022 - Bike Show, Henderson Trust Arena 
Graham has been investigating with Event Director Azhar, the feasiblity & risks of holding a Bike Show in 2022.  It is felt there will be minimal risk if it has to be cancelled at the last minute in comparison to the need to protect our existing IP (there have been rumours circulating on organisations wishing to get in on the action).  It is envisaged to be a smaller show, more like the ones our club held at Manukau, but a bit bigger, however we will be supported more by the sponsor list we have developed over the years.  We do not expect the Motor Industry Assn to support us as they basically have no stock available.  and we will not be chasing them but simply offering them a limited space availability on a ‘first in’ basis.  Azhar has booked the venue deposit which can be rolled over should we be unable to hold it.  The Directors held a meeting on Friday and confirmed our involvement in the Bike Show.   
Ted's Projects Committee will be Graham's support and steering committee for both events. 
Bring on 2022!