Posted by Claire Hart
This week marks the beginning of Rotary Youth Exchange Student Lily's 4th week in New Zealand and with our Club. Read on to find out how she has settled with her Host Family  and what she has been up to!
Hi all,
Lily is a delightful young lady whom we are very much enjoying having as part of our family.  She comes from Bressuire in Western France, where she lives with her mother Celine, a Chemistry Teacher, father Theirry, a teacher of ecology biology, and her 14 year old brother, Tom.  Celine loves sport and dance and Theirry breeds ornamental birds.  They drive an electric car - a Renault Zoe.

Lily has slotted into our family so well and gets on very well with Anna and Lily, who love having her around.  Her English has already improved dramatically since she arrived and we are using Google translate less and less.  She loves our cats but has a somewhat difficult relationship with Radar the dog!!!  She loves most food, except lamb (handy as we have just put 2 in the freezer!!), and especially Nutella!  Lily has been recruited into tramping through the mud to feed horses and check sheep on a regular basis!

Two days after Lily arrived in NZ we whisked her away for a week's skiing at Whakapapa with another family.  Lily had never skiied before but picked it up very quickly with the help of a few French speaking ski lessons.  We soon learned that Lily has little fear and loves nothing more than to head straight down the mountain!!  We all had a great time and are planning to head back again this season.  Lily has a season ski pass so if anyone else would like to take her skiing she would love to go!  Straight after our return from skiing Lily turned 17 and we had a small gathering of her other host families that evening after a day's shopping (Lily loves to shop and especially likes Vintage clothing, which I have found is pretty much the sort of thing my mother used to make me wear when I was little!).  The rest of the holidays were spent relaxing and socialising.

Lily has just started school at Rosehill and has been very nervous about it, so hopefully she will quickly make some good friends there and settle in quickly.
Host Mum,