Graham received the below email from an exhibiter ...
Hi Graham, 
Now that all the hype is over and you probably have time to read all your emails I would like to pay a compliment to you and your team.
Firstly, the show was great and I hope you came out of it rolling in cash because you sure deserved too.
Secondly I would like to mention the guys outside directing traffic etc.
They would have to be the greatest guys ever. I never struck one that didn't bend over backwards to help. On Friday it wasn't too bad with people arriving and being directed where to unload but there was no delay I was directed where to park and although we didn't need help to unload, they were there offering assistance.
On Sunday when I arrived with the empty trailer, parking was at a premium. I came in the gate and was directed to the bottom of the carpark where two guys pointed in the direction of an empty space. I first thought shit that's ok but what about the trailer. As I pulled up another sprung up and showed where to park the car and said Ï will give you a hand to to put the trailer in another spot. I call that bloody good service.
Different on Sunday with bikes, cars, vans, trailers everywhere and your guys in complete control. No delays, no harsh words only offers of assistance. I had to do two trips for four bikes and it turned out to be a piece of cake because of your guys control.
Many thanks Graham, if you get a chance please let your guys know that their work was appreciated totally.
Cheers, Buster.