Wonderful work being done by our Rotarians at Edmund Hillary School.  This week they have been working on the planter boxes.

Barry the Builder was back in full swing at the Edmund Hillary School on last Wednesday probably the coldest, windiest days of the week. Amongst the sleet like showers, with the aid of the PD Helpers, we managed to complete the first major stages to this project. This is just another example of the dedication, commitment and talent that Barry exhibits towards his Rotary Life and I guess one of the reasons that I urged our Club support to help his Grandson Mathew on his journey to the Cycle Championship in Christchurch. In any event thank you so much Barry for your effort, for without your valuable input the project would have been quite different.
We had great labour from the PD Group, who are making a real difference to cleaning up the school grounds and they really enjoyed the working experience with Rotarians. Once again this group was quite taken by the fact that we were volunteers, just like them. They were really interested in what Rotary was all about and quite intrigued that we were members of one of the oldest gangs around. I did remind them that we were a Gang for GOOD! 

The Auckland Council funded the project and Harry, their representative, came and helped with the finishing touches in the afternoon. The Principal made us some wonderful scones which all parties ravenously devoured.
We are building a steady relationship with this school and not only is it really appreciated by the staff but also is noticed by the children that someone is helping make a nicer environment.

George Wilson