Well it finally happened, and it is all over due to the need to complete the packing in a hurry because a new paying Tennent started to bring in large items of equipment no matter if we were ready or not.  This caused an absolute panic for reasons of Health and Safety if nothing else.
We were informed of the requirement to complete the remaining ERK boxes last Thursday - I found out on Friday hence the reason for my Call to Action email to all members and a reach out to the RYLA team who helped a couple of weeks ago.  As luck would have it, 33 members of Takapuna and Browns Bay Clubs manned the packing line with around another 12 or so preparing the Tarpaulins and fitting in the completed Buckets.
Veteran packers like John and David Hawke (who both turned up with a couple of extras), Allan Hayward from Newmarket, and of Food Box Packing fame, and me turning up to check out for the Sunday packing and around 2.30pm the whole job was complete with all Boxes packed. What a shock and a great relief - but then a clean up was still needed to allow more machinery to be stored ( A Nightmare ).  Lots of emails ,texts and phone calls  to cancel the Sunday packers, I finally arrived home exhausted and never want to see another ERK box again.
Perhaps spare some thought for Willard and Gabby Martin and David Broadhead from the Ellerslie Rotary Club when they were left with this challenge - not fair to say the least and full credit to them all for the splendid job that they undertook with very testing parameters at the end. Very well done Ellerslie.!!!
The photo of John with the very last Box tells it all and that’s the machinery being moved in next to him - the other shot  is what it was like 2 hours prior the finish.  Click Read More to see more images.