Last Friday Peter Wilcock and I enjoyed a stunning Harbour Cruise around the Auckland Harbour aboard Downtown Rotarian, John Boscawen's "Mona Rose". It was a very rewarding experience in many ways. Rotarians often ask me what drives me forward to engage so enthusiastically with my varied Rotary involvement and my quick response is that you get back so much more than you put in and this opportunity is but just one example of that answer!
John Boscawen is not only a very generous Rotarian, but an unbelievable host. Although the cruise was exceptional, the chance to meet and converse one to one with a Rotary Foundation Trustee, Jennifer Jones, and other foundation benefactors, provided both Peter and me with an update on what is Rotary's Best kept Secret!
The Foundation is not well understood by most Rotarians as us Kiwi's can be a little insular. However, when you have the privilege of understanding the reach of our Foundation, one suddenly realises that its not just about immunising 2.5 Billion Children to eradicate Polio but also concentrates on Health Care, clean water, sanitation and helping rebuilding communities in the wake of natural disasters.
Last year alone our Foundation spent US $97.8 Million across the six areas of focus with almost half of that on Disease prevention and Treatment. If you ever doubt the Value of Rotary, another outstanding statistic is that Rotarians put in 47 Million Volunteer hours which is conservatively worth $US850 Million of Community Service.
If you are interested in learning more about the Foundation and how it works please contact me. I have available some of the very latest Booklets and reports for you to gain and  understand the power of The Rotary Foundation motto to 'DO GOOD IN THE WORLD'.
Believe me, you will find your Rotary experience much more satisfying  and meaningful. GET Involved !!!