We heard from Scout Leader Jarrod Ambrose and  two members of Clevedon Scout Group, about their experiences at the 22nd New Zealand Scout Jamboree held at Mystery Creek in Hamilton. Our Club contributed funds to allow the local scouts attend the Jamboree and take their place amongst 4000 scouts from around the country. Eleven days of challenging activities which gave opportunities to test their personal limits, work together as a team, develop their critical thinking, survival skills, and independence. Gabrielle was the 'star of the show' last Thursday evening, speaking confidentially and interjecting when she thought there was more detail needed! To read Gabrielle's account of the Jamboree, please read below...
Hi, my name is Gabrielle. On behalf of the scouts I would like to thank you for sponsoring us for Jamboree. We had fun and learnt lots. 
Day 1 - we set up tents with thousands of other scouts. I was amazed!
Mystery Creek was a hive of activity. Every day there was an early start to make the most of the opportunities available. There were duties like cooking, but everyone worked together to get the job done.
My favourite daytime activities included climbing, rafting, paddle boarding , sailing and river walking. One day we went on a mystery tour to a museum and mozzarella cheese. YUM! We also burnt an emblem into a wooden tile as a keepsake.
We had a secret activity. Guess what? It was jet boating down the river, soaking us with spray. Small groups of us also went on an overnight independent sleep out. It was cold but exciting.
In the evening we also did activities. We went caving at night. Glow worms showed us the way. We explore stalactites and I slipped over in the mud. Yuck! I learnt interesting facts, like some eels in caves are white because they never see the sun.
Another evening activity was abseiling. It was scary because you are descending into the unknown blackness towards two bright spots, only to discover at the bottom that these were the shining eyes of a possum!
Jamboree was a great experience where we developed confidence, leadership and teamwork and I learnt lots of new things. We had loads of active fun and made great friendships. Thank you very much for your support, enabling us to be part of the Jamboree, a memorable event that has helped to  positively shape our lives.
Gabrielle Dalton-Wilson