Well what a great read for all those who really enjoy their ROTARY, and a must read that will open up the mind as to how much Rotarians have achieved in New Zealand in the first 100 years. As I have been a Rotarian for almost half those years, I am ashamed to admit to what little I knew about these outstanding and intertwined achievements of those that put Service above Self.
Some of the reading that I have done in the past regarding our Rotary achievements on the world stage has nearly always seemed remote to me, and it has taken this read about our own people to link it all together to really have some meaning. I knew that the Auckland and Wellington Clubs were the first to be Chartered in New Zealand, but its the how, who and when, and the complex strands that have occurred that really held my interest and built a pride within me of me being a Rotarian.
The book tells the Rotary story of service in the community and place in society for 100 years, and how it is changing to go on into the future.  The professional historian Stephen Clarke has done a wonderful job of pulling it all together, backed by two great Rotarians - Anand Satyanand and Bill Boyd - and no doubt many others who would have offered their input without question.
For those who won’t read the book, I will try to include some snippets in future bulletins under a heading of "Did you know ?"