An impromptu surprise Rotary ''meeting" for a Rotarian with 50 years of experience takes planning which we managed to pull off. Thank you to Roger for working with Pam to "persuade" Murray to take a walk from his home to the Rushgreen Road Reserve on Thursday at 6.00pm. Pam has to be congratulated with assisting with the subterfuge even to the point of asking Murray on Thursday morning whether he had Rotary, to be told he couldn't understand why there was no meeting! Bit of a hiccup in timing as there was a minor mix up, when the person calling at 7pm to have documents signed off by JP Murray arrived at 6pm. 
A sunny, balmy evening saw members & spouses gathering in the reserve awaiting the arrival of Murray and Pam. As time pushed out, comments were made on how Pam would have difficulty getting Murray out for a walk when he more than likely would want to watch the news or The Chase.  Pam did have to persuade Murray to take a second walk of the day as "it would be good to get some fresh air".
As we formed a ''guard of honour", a stunned Murray and relieved Pam joined us to celebrate this special day in his Rotary life.  
Roger spoke on behalf of us all and reminisced on some of the milestone's in Murray's 50 years in Rotary and PP Allan presented him with a living memory of our meeting. Thank you to Bernie for supplying and presenting flowers to Pam who has been an important part of Papakura Rotary in supporting Murray and assisting in so many ways. As we spent time with Murray we enjoyed Lynn's cupcakes decorated in the Rotary colours in honour of the occasion. 
A special surprise meeting for our Murray! 
Thank you to Murray & Pam for their hospitality as they invited members back to their home for drinks.