Papakura Rotary Year 40  1987 – 88  President Graham Hall  (Auto Tuning)
1987 and Graham Hall was faced with raising $14,800 as our share of the world wide Polio Plus program.
It was suggested that the Club purchase a section in the Pahurehure Estate and build a house for sale to raise the funds. It was an ambitious project and so it was that on the 13th August 1987 the club voted on the following resolution “That the Club support the building of the house to raise funds for the Polio Plus Project”. Moved by Jim Innes and seconded by Neil Ritchie the motion was enthusiastically endorsed.
As with many large projects the Club found that the concept was outside the means of the Club to fulfil and so it was down scaled to the purchase of an existing dwelling which was moved on to a section in Marne Road which was owned by a Club member. The relocation, alterations, painting, refurbishing, and pathing was all done by members under the care and guidance of Barry Hobman, Roy Prangley, Merv Webster and Merv Kemp. (Three builders and a painter. In the projects carried out by the Club the same names of the major players keep popping up.  The bulletins of the time indicate that assistance was sought from club members for such minor tasks as painting fences.
In September 290 persons were present in the R.S.A. for the Charter night of the Rotary Club of Drury. There were 37 charter members - an unusually high number - and not one of these members came from the Papakura Club.   District Governor’s representative Bill MacMillan was ably represented by his wife Gail as he was leading the G.S.E. team to the south of England.
 In May 1988 on the same night we hosted a Ladies G.S.E. from California - led by a Lady Rotarian - and the District 992 Ladies Team which had returned from the U.S.A. Fittingly, on this night Bill Macmillan was named a Paul Harris Fellow.
 Financial help was given to Elmwood Hospital to purchase mechanical lifting chairs. Members and friends had a very enjoyable “Agri Tour” to the properties of Ray Wallace, Graham and John Matheson and John Ross.
The most embarrassed President at the Conference at Waitangi was Graham Hall. He had forgotten to take The Attendance Trophy we had won the year before. He needn’t have worried. We won it again!