Eric Jerkovich was President in 1977 and it was fitting that in this year we had a double student exchange. Our outward bound student Kim Farmer was hosted by The Rotary Club of Sao Paulo Perdizes in Brazil and we hosted the very popular Cindy Kenoyer from The USA.
The major project for the year was the construction of a games room at Brian Smiths Farm Camp. The camp is now known as the “Chosen Valley Christian Camp” and is used by many community groups. Much co-operation has been received from the Department of Social welfare which has supplied working parties of Periodic Detention workers every Saturday for 15 consecutive weeks which was a vital factor in the success of the project along with the donation of materials. To date I estimate that 700 man hours have gone into this project. This has been a very worthwhile effort and I should like to thank Frank Howard in particular for his dedication.
In this year Cliff Dickey was District Governor Elect. This was a new challenge for a Club that had not previously been heavily involved in District Activities. The Induction night organised by Alan Herkt’s committee was a memorable event.
A series of meetings was held at the instigation of the Mayor, Mr Farrell, to consider a proposal that an ambulance station be built in Papakura. It was finally decided that this scheme should be deferred.
Considerable time and effort has been expended by Warren Garlick in the production of a street map and it has taken almost 12 months to bring this project to fruition. Map advertising has been sold and is currently at the printers. Five Thousand copies are being printed so that the map can be delivered to every household and business in Papakura. Cost to the club is $300- $400 and this is in line with our request to Directors at the beginning of the year.
Five working bees were arranged for the playground at Chitchester Drive during the year to enable completion of this project. The first working bee was held in the first quarter and 100 trees and shrubs were planted. The strike has been good and all dead trees have since been replaced. The second working bee was held in February when tables and chairs were concreted into place and further play equipment areas were made ready for a later working bee. This area was finally completed on 10 June when a most successful working bee took place. A roundabout was concreted in place, stepping stones were laid and an extension to the climbing frame was erected. Replacement trees were planted and the motorway fence line was cleared. Concrete pads were also laid around all play equipment.
Considerable emphasis was given to the matched twin exchange program and 4 students were selected (Bronwyn Kayes, Anne Wiggins, Dixon Cole and Dean Clark). All students were given an A.A. Atlas as a farewell gift and a set of slides prepared by Frank Howard.