(No, not Jacinda’s challenge. We have all achieved that one and are now patiently awaiting our rewards.)
This Challenge is from Past RI President Bill Boyd and challenges every club in New Zealand to become a End Polio Now Club by every club member donating $10 to the Polio+ campaign.
The Rotary Club of Papakura is taking up this challenge!!!
So, how are we going to get $10 out of every club member?
At last week's club zoom meeting it was suggested that, as our contributions to Rotary have been minimal over the last 2 months (no meal costs and no Sergeants sessions) we would get the Treasurer to invoice members $10 per month (starting with September and October) as a ‘Sunshine Levy’. The first of these will go to this End Polio Now Club challenge.
If any member does not want to accept this levy, please just email the Treasurer, steve.budd@xtra.co.nz with ‘opt out of Sunshine levy’ in the subject line.
Lets do this team and prove, once again, just how active the Rotary Club of Papakura is.
Past President Allan