Hi everyone,  my zoom question last Thursday (name one Rotary project which really "rocked your boat") sparked a lot of chat.  There was a variety of projects spanning community, international and youth, plus fond memories of many hilarious fellowship events.  I got thinking how much was achieved without the technology we have at our disposal today - no cell phones let alone smart phones, no social media and further back, no computers! Although both Andrew & Kathryn will be more formally introduced once we are back to our weekly meetings together, I asked them both to do a impromptu "thumbnail".  Kathryn's transfer went through two weeks ago and our membership is now at 47.
Club Anniversaries
Congratulations to Jon Faber - 6 years Papakura Rotary (03-09-2015)
If you are joining us on zoom this week…
If you could teleport yourself to your favourite New Zealand destination, where would you be? 
Keep safe & take care, Sue 
 No More Paper!
To improve the efficiency and ease of our Treasurer’s work, all club expense claims are to be emailed to Steve, attaching a copy of the receipt/invoice. Our club’s financial are held digitally in Xero so there is no need for any paper trails. Your receipt can be emailed as a scanned copy or a photo. 

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