We had a really interesting presentation by PDG Alan Eyes a comprehensive presentation (off the cuff) on the electricity market & where EV's will fit into it.  I turn on a light, charge a phone, not really thinking or understanding the complexity of the generated power sources and pricing structures which underpin a commodity we take for granted.  George summed it in up in his thanks to Alan that he had taken a potentially boring subject and making it very light and enjoyable.  Look out for a new business starting up in Papakura - one of our members who will remain unnamed is looking at towing a generator to charge up stranded EV's (particularly MG's) who run out of power.
I know many of you have been in contact with Morris & Vicki over the past few weeks throughout Vicki's time in hospital. So good to hear Vicki is home and in Murray's words "in good spirits, looking remarkably well and being her usual positive self".
Best wishes & heartfelt sympathies to Anne, Philip & Niamh on the passing of Anne's Mum in Ireland on Friday. Anne returned to Ireland in August to visit her family - our thoughts are with you all & extended family.  
An example of selfless Service Above Self  
On Saturday Mike & I went along to Papakura High School's vaccination drive to assist the Crimewatch volunteers and George who was on burger prep.  His commitment to the task was challenged when he started to receive texts & photos of fish from his mates who had invited him along on a fishing trip. Despite the enticement of fresh fish and stunning weather, George turned down their offer due to his Rotary commitment.  A true example of Service Above Self.
Rotary Christmas Puddings - on sale now
Yes, it's that time of the year - time to buy your Christmas Puddings! 
If you are interested in purchasing your Christmas Puddings please contact Malcom. 
This week's meeting
Our meeting will start at 5pm with Hayley James updating us with her progress. Hayley was awarded an Education Scholarship in 2019 and began her studies at Victoria University in 2020.  She has faced much adversity in her life and has dealt with this in a very mature way.  Hayley has shown great determination to succeed at University.  The Club gave her a further grant at the start of 2021 to help with her expenses.
We commence the AGM at 5.25pm.  
Take care, Sue 

See you Thursday! 

 25th November  Hayley James 5pm, followed by our AGM 

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