As we rolled into daylight saving over the weekend, one gets the feeling we have come out of winter, headed into spring and are on the home straight to summer.  I don't think many of us envisaged that we would be putting our clocks forward in lockdown, albeit level 3!  Local councillor David Newman joined our zoom meeting last week touching on a number of topics, at first centered around the challenges faced in getting Covid vaccine rates up in Papakura and planned rollouts over the upcoming weeks. When he offered to answer any questions he opened himself up to a raft of subjects which made for a very interesting meeting.  
Thank you to everyone who has donated to the Fiji Covid Appeal and doubling the club's contribution. I had emailed PDG Malini Raghwan in regard to joining us at one of our meetings to speak on the Covid situation in Fiji which she has accepted.  This week she will be joined by DGN Vineeta Nand and AG Poasa Werekoro who will give a 30 minute presentation. 
Once again we will meet at 5pm to finish before dinner time (although last week I wasn't expecting Daniel to be still answering question 75 minutes after we started!).  
A plea from me - please, if you have any ideas on speakers (relatives/friends/work colleagues) who would be willing to fill a zoom speaker spot, I would really appreciate your feedback. 
Keep safe & take care, Sue 
Dare you to look at this and not start singing ....! 
 See you Thursday! 
Guest Speakers:  PDG Malini, DGN Vineeta & AG Poasa 
                             Rotary's response to Covid in Fiji





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