At our Thursday's zoom meeting PDG Malini Ragwhan, DGN Vineeta Nand and AG Poasa Werekoro gave an insightful presentation into the work and achievements of our Fiji Clubs.  
Poasa outlined some of the many projects completed by clubs post-Covid and Rotary Fjii:
Rotary Fiji (Rotary and Rotaract clubs of Fiji)  has a lot of experience in organising responses to crisis situations in Fiji, particularly cyclones.  Its purpose is to provide a united front for the Rotary Brand making use of resources (manpower and finance), skills bank and best division of labour.  The work of Rotary Fiji is driven by the Area Governor through a committee initiating the necessary projects assisted by sub-committees.
Vineeta's presentation focused on Rotary Fiji's Covid Assistance:
Rotary Fiji was activated to assist Fijians affected in the tourism sector in March 2020, a year on is making a big impact in Fiji communities. In April 2021 it activated assistance in providing affected Fijians with food and baby essentials which is done in conjunction with various NGOs and groups to ensure the aid is given to those in real need and on an equitable basis.  People in need of assistance apply and their application is assessed and either approved, modified or declined.  To avoid unneccesary contact, relief is deliverered in various ways: 1) parcels are packed and delivered direct to the family 2) the family receives a coupon that they can redeem to a set value at an appointed supermarket only or 3) bulk supplies are delivered to, eg. a village committee, to distribute to those most in need.  Rotary Clubs also run their own projects alongside Rotary Fiji: 

Malini spoke on the Fiji Oxygen Project which is a Global Grant but has taken on a significant role in Rotary Fiji's Covid Response. 
Covid has had a big impact on the roll out of the Global Grant - oxygen concentrators were put into storage as they couldn't be installed in targeted areas due to lockdown borders.  Rotary has approved 6 concentrators can be mobilised as part of the Covid response. 
Poasa, Vineeta and Malini's finished their presentation with the below statistics:
  Sue Williamson