Inbounds and RYE Applicants getting ready for team building on the High Ropes course
The 2019 RYE Selection Weekend was held at Kokako Lodge over the weekend. We were blessed with stunning weather (but VERY cold nights) and were incredibly well fed thanks to Lisa van den Brink and Vicki Jones! We spent the weekend getting to know the applicants, delivering presentations on the  details of the programme and interviewing both them and their parents. At the conclusion of the weekend, we are tasked with making the 'final' selection of who would be our 2020 Outbounds.
The Weekend began with a little pressure test. No warning and a high ropes course! It was the perfect way to see how the applicants handle unexpected pressure and how their teamwork skills compared to others. The Inbounds took this in their stride as they are nearing the end of their exchange.  It was great to see how quickly the Inbounds and applicants came together as a group which involved both yelling instructions and plenty of words of encouragement.
Getting down was WAY easier
Plenty of smiles as they wait for their turn
Miss France and Miss Austria ready!

Lily, along with the other Inbounds from Argentina, Denmark, Germany and Austria, spent the weekend with the applicants. They shared their own country presentations in a bid to have the hopeful students "choose" their country as their preferred option. The 'best' country is always hotly contested among the Inbounds and Lily somehow managed to put a positive spin on going to school in France from 8am - 6pm. She kept a smile firmly on her face saying it gave you "plenty of time to spend with your mates". It was lovely to see them welcome the potential RYE's with open arms and give them a taste of what it is like to be part of the very special RYE family. 

A wonderful presentation on France - the country to pick!
Rebounds panel 
We had a great group of Rebounds (students who have completed and returned from their exchange) come out over the weekend to share their experiences and tips on how to make the most of the time on exchange. They give a wonderful Kiwi perspective and add deep insight into the programme. They relish the chance to speak their second language and a group of French speakers were happy to 'show off' their expertise in front of the parents on request.
Inbounds and RYE applicants
The only downside to the weekend was that we didn't have more applicants. This really is an incredible programme which allows young people to realise their full potential and develop a deep understanding of another culture. We are creating Global Citizen's with RYE and with the times we are in, this programme is more important than ever before. If you know of a great all-round student who is aged between 15-18 (at January 2020), they are still eligible to make a late application for Exchange, departing January 2020. Please seen Tracey for further info.