This year's activities got underway on Saturday 3rd July with a very orderly reception of Awardees taking place at Willow Park on a cool but burgeoning beautiful day that only occurs in our wonderful City of Auckland.   
It needs to be said that this slick operation would not be able to materialise if it wasn’t for people like Peter Ross, Todd Hanlon ,Steel Gibson, Dan Whittaker ,Grace Cussell - along with the vital support roles like Chairman Mike Williamson and all the wonderful support personnel from our various Rotary Clubs.
I had a very humble role in organising the volunteers for the Willow Park section of the programme and that role was made so easy by the unquestioned support from everyone that was approached and in fact some had to be turned away such is the Mana that surrounds  RYLA.
The photos show the check in procedures and hopefully paint a wee picture for those that were not involved and suffice to say that everyone that participated was rewarded by the electrification and excitement in the air - it was more contagious than Covid-19 and we should be reminded of the privilege that it is that we could even hold such an event.
Special thanks to all involved starting with Vicky Jones, Peter Wilcock, Allan McKay and Hugh Munroe [Drury] manning the medical clearance tent in frosty conditions and on reception under the watchful eye of Hillary Prior RYLA [ mother superior], the slaves were John Rennie and Peter Martin [Drury] John Fothergill, Sue Williamson, & Maurice Jones.
We  also manned the Mobile Phone Depository and Indemnity Exclusion Zone with Tracey Faber and Ted Lees who were assisted by Richard Wilkie [Half moon Bay ] who made sure that there was no cheating with this discipline so in all a very smooth team of dedicated people and my sincere thanks for a job very well done.
I still feel sorry for Mike Williamson as before he had even become a member of our club he was tapped on the shoulder by you know who and sequestered into the Chairmanship role that ended up two years in the making.  However, it has become now most appropriate that he rose to the task as his better half being now President Sue will lead us for a very eventful year and he will thank me for the training in his very latest support role.  Thanks so much Mike for your acceptance of this vital role for RYLA, and for being such a steadying and experienced partner of our new President.  We are all right behind you in your role of 1st man for our Lady President.
Last but not the least, Camp Mum and Dad (Vicky and Morris) will be the most remembered by the awardees as they flow through the week and it will be interesting to see if Morris has been able to hand out his Chocolate Fish prizes and for him to give feedback on the reasons there handout.
There will be a lot more to be said about the RYLA week from better scribes ,so I encourage camp mum and dad and others to enlighten us next week.