The good news is that we have resolved our issues with the vaccination status of both the Manukau and the Mt Wellington facilities and both have now assured us in writing that everyone in their facilities are now double vaccinated.
Had this been the case originally, then we would not have had any hiccup in our support.  We are all on again, with the first packing at Manukau taking place Tuesday this week and Jenny has set up a new line that is expressly designed for a clear open space location with plenty of ventilation and a limit of five of us Rotarians on any given day.
We have two packing days at Manukau Tuesday and Thursday - 9 to 11.00 am, and we are currently trying to consolidate two teams with some reserves and with a mandate to pack quality not quantity.  We aim to enjoy the fellowship whilst following the strictest Covid prevention rules at all times - i.e. masks, double vaxxed volunteers ,hand sanitisers etc.  Although Jenny and her warehouse manager are floating around, we will be the only people in the main warehouse.
If you haven’t yet spoken to me about this wonderful opportunity to assist with this Community Service Project, and you would like to get involved, then please give me a call on 021 736 966 and we will fit you in as gaps come about .
Warren, Ted and George are going back to assist at Mt Wellington as shelf stackers and cardboard clearers on Wed 24th.  Hopefully we can back out of that task as other clubs build up their efforts.  In the meantime we are not intending to supply our club members on the packing line due to the extra travel time etc.
Thankyou for your ongoing support for this programme.